John Boyega on his new film 'Breaking,' and his chance run-in with Harrison Ford

Imagine falling asleep on a long flight...and being woken up by Harrison Ford.

That’s exactly what happened to actor John Boyega recently!

Boyega recently spoke with FOX 32 entertainment reporter Jake Hamilton about starring in the powerful new true story "Breaking," and spoke after life and career choices after wrapping up the most recent "Star Wars" trilogy – and the actor mentioned running into his "The Force Awakens" co-star recently on a flight.


"We saw each other on a plane," Boyega said, "I was going to Japan or something, he was spontaneously on my flight – and he woke me up, mid-flight, when everyone’s sleeping."

The actor added "And he goes ‘Are you still enjoying it, kid?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I am.' It’s just about choices and versatility moving forward."

"Breaking" is in theaters now.