African lion cubs make their first outing at Lincoln Park Zoo

Three African male lion cubs made their debut at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo Friday. 

The cubs, Pesho (pe-sho), Sidai (see-dye), and Lomelok (low-mey-lock) followed their mother Zari (Zah-ree), father Jabari (Jah-bah-ree) around the enclosure as they ran and played. 

They were born on Jan. 9 and have been bonding behind the scenes at Pepper Family Wildlife Center.

The lions at the Lincoln Park Zoo are part of the Species Survival Plan where zoos around the country work together to keep geographically and demographically strong lion population.


Scientists at the zoo also work with partners in Tanzania to bring new species of lions into zoos in the U.S.

General curator Dave Bernier says the cubs are exhibiting normal behavior following their parents and exploring the environment. He expects to see some heavy napping from the babies. 

The cubs will have regular access to the exhibit beginning Saturday.