Local businesses try to compete with Amazon Prime days

A Lincoln Square toy store is not playing around as it tries to compete with Amazon Prime days.

“We’re doing free shipping anywhere in the U.S. on any size order showing people that we’re here, that we have quality product and that we have great deals that can compete with Amazon as well,” said Scott Friedland of Timeless Enterprises.

Timeless Toys also offers free gift wrapping, local delivery and private shopping times.

Friedland says its make or break time.

“Between now and Christmas is where we can make everything happen so we can be open year round,” said Friedland.

At a locally owned garden store, they sent a message to customers saying "prime schmime." It’s time to shop small. 

“Well the big guys are not suffering during this pandemic it’s the little guys,” said LaManda Joy of City Grange.

At City Grange, Joy keeps growing her delivery business, sending out fall's bounty now, and Christmas trees soon.

Joy reminds shoppers, dollars spent locally, seed the neighborhood.

“Of $100 spent $68 stays in the community,” said Joy.

Plus, Joy says local businesses donate to schools and organizations. 

“In a couple weeks, they can vote with their vote, but they can also vote with dollars, and small businesses now more than ever need help of the community,” said Joy.

Small businesses say that vote is crucial to their survival.