Manny's Deli giving away 1,000 free sandwiches to customers wearing masks

For days, Manny's Deli tried to get customers to wear masks by dangling the possibility of a free sandwich day.

The South Loop restaurant promised that if their staff could make it through a whole day without reminding someone to wear their mask, the sandwich giveaway would commence. But they never made it.

That's when a longtime customer stepped in and offered to pay for a thousand free sandwiches in order to show appreciation for the deli, and for their efforts to encourage mask use.


"They've watched us through the pandemic and liked what we've done," said Dan Raskin, owner. "They wanted to give back to the community and to Manny's."

Raskin said the donor wanted to remain anonymous.

The line of people wanting free sandwiches stretched out the door on Tuesday. The deli was still holding people to their mask rule.