'Midnight Mass' marries religion, horror in new Netflix series

The creator of Netflix’s "The Haunting of Hill House" returns for a new limited series that FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton says is the best thing he’s seen on TV all year.

"Midnight Mass", a seven-episode limited series that premieres on Netflix this Friday, is from writer/director Mike Flanagan. It tells the story of a small island community, deeply tied to its faith, that is visited by a young priest. With his arrival comes strange occurrences.

Jake Hamilton had the chance to speak with Flanagan about why often horror and religion go hand-in-hand ("The Exorcist," "The Omen," "The Conjuring.")


"There’s an enormous amount of horror in religion," Flanagan said. "There’s a huge amount of monsters and demons and angels showing up to slaughter babies while river turn to blood and pillars of fire. There’s a sky beam in the Old Testament!"

Flanagan added "All of our religions draw on two things: our desire for there to be life after we die and our rampant fear of everything else in the world."

"Midnight Mass" starts streaming on Netflix on Sept. 24.