Mob of teens robbed, violently attacked Chicago woman and her family outside CTA Red Line station

A Chicago woman is speaking out after her family was violently attacked by a mob outside a CTA station on the South Side Monday afternoon.

At about 5:30 p.m., a mother, 43, her daughter, 23, and her godson, 18, were walking near the 95th Street Red Line Station.

The mother, Laura, and her daughter, Kenya — who now has a fractured nose — said they were just getting off the train. As they were walking, about 10 teens approached and began to batter the 18-year-old.

Laura and Kenya attempted to intervene when they were struck in the face and the back.


The offenders took personal property from the three of them before fleeing the scene, police said.

Laura, Kenya and the 18-year-old had gone downtown to sign up for the last semester of college before the attack occurred.

"I get assaulted for going downtown to go be a college student. That's ridiculous. And then all you wanna say is ‘Oh, are you ok?’ And then when we ask the CTA worker, why didn't you get involved, because there was a lot of people around. There was a lot of CTA workers around. It was a lot of other people riding the same train, same buses as us. Nobody did anything. And then we asked them, they said, 'well I work here, and I'm in fear of my life because they always come.' And nothing is being done," Kenya said.

And it evens gets a tad bit crazier. When Laura and Kenya met with FOX 32 Chicago to do the interview, they saw the same mob of teens who attacked them the day before. They had not been arrested, or banned from the CTA.

Kenya and Laura's godson were transported to an area hospital with minor injuries.

No one is currently in custody at this time.

When it comes to responding to incidents — like the one Monday night — with more guards, a CTA Spokesperson says: "They strategically deploy them based on recent data based on recent incidents that have occurred."

Chicago police have committed to adding more officers on public transit and the CTA says they also have more than  300 unarmed guards working throughout the system, but would not share how many are on the Red Line.

There is also a K9 team coming soon and thousands of cameras blanketing the system, but obviously violence remains a major concern on the CTA.