More than 77,000 CPS families chose in-person learning for early 2021

During the December Chicago Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) provided data on parent learning preferences that showed more than 77,000 families, the majority of whom are Black or Latinx, indicated their children would return to in-person instruction in early 2021.

Officials say the number of CPS families in elementary grades who want to return is double the total number of families served by Illinois’ second largest school district.

The overall trends at CPS are similar to trends at other large urban districts, such as New York and Houston, which also had the majority of their students select remote learning. Also consistent with national trends, white families selected in-person learning at a higher rate than other racial groups.

At CPS, however, the number of Black and Latinx students far exceeds the number of white students who plan to return to school for in-person learning, officials say.

"Black and Latinx students are facing an unprecedented educational crisis that has the potential to reverberate for decades - which is why it’s critically important to open our doors for those who select in-person learning in January," CPS said in a news release.

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For additional information that addresses some of the common questions about re-opening, CPS says you can refer to the district’s Facts About Reopening resource page.

Additional information for families about the district’s health and safety protocols, key dates and hybrid learning can be found at

CPS says families who selected in-person learning can change their choice to remote learning at any time. 

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In-person learning will resume for Pre-K and students enrolled in moderate to intensive cluster programs on Jan. 11

In-person learning will resume through hybrid model for students in grades K-8 on Feb. 1.

A link to the latest press release on reopening from November 17 can be found here.