Mother of missing Chicago woman in Bahamas pleads for U.S. government's intervention in case

The mother of the Chicago woman who disappeared in the Bahamas last month is asking for the U.S. government to step in.

Taylor Casey, 41, has been missing in the Bahamas for nearly two weeks. 

Her mother, Collette Seymore, recently returned from the Bahamas and is calling on the U.S. State Department to deploy the FBI immediately. 

Casey was last seen June 19 around Paradise Island, where she was attending a yoga retreat. 

Seymore said when she arrived at the retreat with her group, the scene appeared largely unprocessed by authorities and there were no posters or public displays revealing a missing person. 

Among her daughter's belongings still in her tent were a Bible and a sketchpad, affirmation cards and clothing. 

Seymore said she felt an urgent need to return to the U.S. because without U.S. government support, she may never find out what happened to her daughter. 

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