Neighbors try to help duck with plastic six-pack ring around its neck

A duck, which has a 6-pack plastic ring around his neck, has strangers flocking together on the North Side.

For a week, neighbors in Ravenswood Manor have been trying to lure a duck in danger in Horner Park. 

"It's not like around his neck, it's through his mouth, so it's like a gag, so it goes through here and wraps around his head, so it's pretty dangerous,” said Tess Smith-Meseth, who owns a pet service in the neighborhood. 

The call to action came on Facebook.

"I came on Monday, and I came the whole day yesterday and I show up today to see what happened," said Martin Kusumosurarso, a Berwyn resident.  

The neighborhood is pulling out all the stops to try and catch this duck. They've put out what appears to be a duck smorgasbord of food with canned corn and birdseed so that anyone in the neighborhood can stop on by and lend a hand.

The Chicago Fire Department also answered the call. But so far, no luck, or duck. 

Neighbors also say this sad story speaks to a much larger issue.

"It's a human-caused problem,” said Smith-Meseth. “The city spent millions of dollars cleaning up this whole area, it's brand new for the wildlife and look what has happened to the wildlife." 

Neighbors say once they save the duck, they hope to organize a trash pickup so this scenario doesn't play out again.