Netflix reality competition 'The Circle' returns for a new season

Netflix’s hit reality competition series The Circle returns for a new season.

The series follows a group of strangers, all isolated individually, who can only communicate with each other through a social media platform called "The Circle" – and because of this, they can lie, cheat and ‘catfish’ their way into victory.

The series breaks down the idea of the front that many of us put forth on social media and the power one has to adjust their own image through their profile.


FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton spokes with three new contestants of The Circle about the ‘reality show trash talk’ that often occurs on these series – and what happens with everything you’ve said about someone behind the scenes…becomes public.

"I’m ready," contestant Daniel said.

"Whatever has to be said, I will say when I see you," contestant Ruksana said, referring to the moment in the finale when all of the contestants finally meet each other.

"I probably called somebody a b**** or something," laughed contested Michelle.

The new season of The Circle premieres on Netflix on Sept. 10.