New Illinois law expands enforcement of Scott's Law

Illinois is taking steps to protect first responders both on and off the job.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed into law Thursday an expansion on the enforcement of Scott's Law, which requires drivers to move over for emergency vehicles.

Lauren Frank, wife of Trooper Brian Frank, spoke on behalf of the new legislation.


Frank was helping direct traffic during a snowstorm last February when he was struck by a speeding car. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and he still has not recovered.

"Seventeen troopers have been hit this year. Brian was number four," said Lauren Frank. "The lives of the men and women of the state police, the people you see standing behind me, they deserve more. They deserve to be protected the way they protect us, by the public and the state. How many more troopers need to get hit before we consider their safety."

The governor also established the Move Over Early Warning Task Force, which will look into how new technology can help drivers and first responders safely navigate an emergency zone.

A third new law will connect first responders with the mental health tools needed to manage the stresses of the job.