These are the new Illinois laws that took effect today

As the calendar turns to July, Illinois is ushering in a series of new laws affecting both the entire state and specific areas like Chicago and Cook County.

Statewide, the gas tax has increased from 45 cents per gallon to 47 cents per gallon, just in time for Fourth of July road trips. This annual increase accounts for inflation.

Another significant statewide law now protects "child influencers." Previously, the child labor bill protected child actors and musicians, but it has been expanded to include children under the age of 16 who appear in 30 percent or more of their parents' online content. These children will now receive a percentage of the revenue generated, which must be placed into a trust for the child to access when they turn 18.

In Chicago and Cook County, new laws have also taken effect. All businesses in Chicago are now required to provide paid and sick leave for employees. Additionally, workers in Chicago and Cook County are seeing a minimum wage increase. In Chicago, the minimum wage rises from $15.80 to $16.20 per hour, while in suburban Cook County, it increases to $14.05 per hour.

Another notable change beginning today is that non-U.S. citizens in Illinois can now obtain regular Illinois driver's licenses. More details on this law can be found HERE.


New Illinois laws take effect on July 1, 2024

With the arrival of summer, there are a few new laws that will hit the books starting in July.