New study suggests middle-aged adults hit hardest by COVID-19 during second year of pandemic

COVID-19 hit some age groups the hardest, but as the pandemic went on, the numbers shifted.

Data from a new report shows the groups hit the hardest by COVID changed between the first and second years of the pandemic. 

While the first year was deadlier for those 65 and older, the second year hit middle-aged adults the hardest, according to the report.

The study focused on deaths from COVID in particular.


Researchers believe several factors were at play with the change.

They say a big one could be that many delayed care of chronic conditions, putting them at higher risk of illness in that second year.

They also add that the findings highlight the need for improved healthcare infrastructure. 

Those researchers plan to continue studying mortality trends to better understand the long term impacts of COVID.

The University of Illinois' findings were published in the journal 'Health Care Management Science.'