Nonprofit works to protect children from sexual abuse in schools

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and a nonprofit organization says one of Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson's first priorities should be to protect children in the school system from sexual abuse.

Kids Too is dedicated to empowering parents to prevent their kids from becoming victims.

The organization says, in a report issued by the Office of the Inspector General, there were about 450 cases of sexual allegations in CPS.


"We believe that the city is incredibly well positioned to have Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson take this issue head-on because he has deep professional experience with CPS as well as being a representative for CTU he knows firsthand some of these issues that come through CPS and get handled by CTU," said Tania Haigh, founder and executive director of Kids Too.

The CEO of Kids Too says having frequent conversations with your children and keeping an ear out for what they are talking about with others is a good way to help protect them in the public school setting.