Nonprofit's new initiative brings new life to park basketball courts in Avalon Park

Many park district courts have been left with no rims or nets for kids to play with. However, a local nonprofit aims to change that. 

"My Block, My Hood, My City" has created a campaign called #SaveStreetball. 

They've purchased seven portable basketball hoops for $1,000 each and installed them in neighborhoods where the courts have been left in disrepair. 

The rims and nets have been down in Avalon Park for seven years after a shooting, according to residents of the South Side community. 

Jahmal Cole is the founder of the nonprofit and the social media campaign. 

On its website, you can report a missing hoop at the park or request portable ones to be brought out. 

Already, the nonprofit organization has received $52,000 in donations to make it happen. 

Avalon Park resident Josh Williams found out about the initiative Thursday while working out at the park. He said he's in full support of the court being fully restored. 

"…It could be a good place for the kids in the community to come out and have a good time playing ball," said Williams. 

To learn more about the social media campaign, or the nonprofit, follow this link