Outrage over hate speech graffiti in racially-diverse suburban high school

There is outrage over hate speech graffiti in a racially-diverse high school in the suburbs.

Oak Park and River Forest High School in Oak Park has always been a racially and cultural melting pot, and the subject of a documentary about race.

On Wednesday night, there was a packed house at the school to discuss the tensions happening over the hateful graffiti that appeared inside the school.

The graffiti was found in the girls’ bathroom earlier this week. Investigators still don't know who did it and police are asking for help to solve what they are calling a hate crime.

The school held two assemblies Tuesday to discuss the graffiti with the students and hate crimes in general. Cellphone video shows students in the hallways chanting "Black Lives Matter" after those assemblies. Students and parents we spoke to said they're upset, angry, confused and concerned.

Wednesday night’s meeting was standing room only in the cafeteria. An estimated 500 parents, students, faculty and staff turned up to ask questions about what the school is doing to teach more tolerance for students, to make minority students feel safer.

The school's racial makeup has been in the spotlight before, being the subject of a 2016 documentary on race.

Police say they need help to solve this crime. They feel that some students know who did this and they are urging them to come forward with information. The school has set up an anonymous hotline for people to call in as well.

Members of the Jewish community also very upset by this. Jewish leaders were saying this is indicative that anti-Semitism has become more prominent in recent years.