PAWS Chicago rescues 40 animals displaced by Hurricane Ida, seeks fosters

Chicago is helping provide some relief to the south by taking animals off the hands of shelters impacted by Hurricane Ida.

PAWS Chicago accepted about 40 animals from six shelters in Louisiana that are seeing an influx of displaced pets due to the storm.

The animal rescue sent a van with volunteers to Springfield, Illinois on Wednesday to collect 15 dogs and puppies and 23 cats and kittens.


The animals will be given medical care at the PAWS Chicago Medical Center and receive vaccinations, microchips and be spayed or neutered as needed.

Susanna Homan, CEO of PAWS Chicago, said the rescue is also looking for additional foster homes for due to the influx of pets.

"We've made sure that we have space and really, our space is somewhat unlimited. It's limited only by the number of foster families that come in and take an animal and help them heal," Homan said.

"So Chicago is a huge area and there are hundreds of people at any given time volunteering to take pets into their homes while they recover, so we need more always and we can continue to take in more and more animals."

Those who are interested in adopting or fostering can click here for more information.