Police demand apology from school for implying arrested 'school resource officer' is a police officer

A suburban police chief is outraged that a local school district implied a violent school resource officer was also a local police officer.

The incident in question happened at Proviso West High School in Hillside. The officer entered a classroom and confronted a male student who was sitting at a white board with permission from the teacher. The officer then allegedly made demands of the student. Suddenly, video shows a physical altercation. The school resource officer has been arrested.

Afterwards, Proviso Township High School District 209 Dr. James Henderson said in a statement: "The behavior exhibited by the SRO is consistent with what we see flash across our TV screens almost daily – with Black and Brown young men being targets of police officers."

Hillside Police Chief Joseph Lukaszek said that the school resource officer is in fact a part-time officer in training in Phoenix, Illinois. Lukaszek said in a statement: "It should also be noted that this individual has been employed by Proviso School District 209 for several years and the school never completed a thorough background check to verify credentials required for that position."

Lukaszek also said: "t should be noted this non-certified security officer is African American which negates the Superintendent’s underlying message that this is another example of police officers being driven by racial prejudice in the beating of this student."

Lukaszek is asking for an apology.