Police find stolen car used in Mount Prospect shooting, linked to multiple other suburban crimes

Chicago police recovered a stolen car on the South Side, and they say it was used to commit crimes in the suburbs this week.

Mount Prospect Police say the car found was stolen from a south suburb near Mount Prospect and was used in an attempted carjacking and shooting on South Oka I Avenue Thursday. 

While investigating the incident in the 100 block of South I Oka Avenue, Mount Prospect police learned that a Lincoln Nautilus that had been stolen from a neighboring jurisdiction in the early morning hours Thursday. 

The Lincoln matched the description of the vehicle used by the offenders in the attempted carjacking. 

Detectives say this stolen Lincoln can be connected to at least two other robberies in Mount Prospect and suspect it could be related to additional car burglaries in town as well.  

All of these burglaries happened Thursday morning and were near a residential area on South I Oka Avenue.  

Police say the people in the stolen Lincoln went to at least two other suburban communities to commit crimes after fleeing the incident on South I Oka Avenue.  


The Mount Prospect Police Department and the other law enforcement agencies are working in collaboration to identify the offenders in these cases.

No arrests have been reported at this time.