Pro-life activists seek to overturn FDA approval of abortion pill

A decision could come as soon as Friday in a Texas case that may threaten access to abortion pills across the entire United States.

Pro-life activists are seeking to overturn FDA approval of a particular medication used in more than half of the abortions that take place in doctors' offices and clinics.

The group is requesting a preliminary injunction while the case is pending in federal court.

This could affect people in other states, including Illinois, where abortion is legal. 


The Biden Administration is preparing for a worst-case scenario.

Vice President Kamala Harris met with reproductive rights leaders at the White House Friday saying the federal lawsuit is a political attack on a woman's right to choose.

"Twenty-two state attorneys general wrote to the FDA and threatened to enforce state laws that might prevent millions of women from accessing medication that is prescribed by their doctor and the medication their doctor determined is important to their health and well-being," said Harris. "Again, this is not just an attack on women's fundamental freedoms. It is an attack on the very foundation of our public health system."

Harris did not publicly lay out how the administration plans to respond if a ruling comes down Friday, halting the sale of the drug nationwide.