Protesters gather at Mayor Lightfoot's home as she marks 2 years in office

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is facing mounting criticism from many sides, as more than 300 protesters took over Wrightwood Avenue Thursday evening.

Representatives of 40 different community organizations say Lightfoot has let the city down.

"It’s not enough to be Black, it’s not enough to be female, you gotta be right," said Tara Stamps, a veteran CPS teacher.  

Lightfoot’s critics gave her a grade "F" on policing, education, housing, health and the city’s COVID-19 response. 

On the other hand, Adeline Bracey believes Lightfoot has done a decent job.

The South Side resident says she has seen drastic improvements in her community under Lightfoot’s leadership.


"I see that there’s a lot of infrastructure – Metra Station on 79th street came out to Dobbs Park, Odgen Park," said Bracey.

Earlier Thursday, Lightfoot announced a $10 million initiative enhancing parks, libraries and community gardens on vacant lots.

The mayor says she cataloged over 150 accomplishments in the past two years.