Puppies, kittens from Tennessee shelter arrive at PAWS Chicago

Pets from tornado-ravaged Tennessee arrived at PAWS Chicago Wednesday afternoon.

A van carrying 21 dogs and 10 cats came to Chicago from a part of Tennessee that was hit by storms. A shelter there needed to make room for other displaced animals.

A litter of eight puppies and a mama cat and her three kittens were among the animals the shelter received.

PAWS Chicago volunteers also took a van loaded with supplies, including several hundred pounds of dog and cat food, cat litter and other things, for the Tennessee shelter.


The PAWS CEO says they are fortunate to be able to help others. 

"It's an incredible feeling. I think that it really motivates our volunteers, our staff, our adopter community. What's great about a time like this is that the attention that we get for bringing in these animals actually helps Chicago animals too," said Susanna Wickham from PAWS Chicago.

For more info on these rescue animals, visit pawschicago.org/tennessee