'Put the guns down': Gunfire erupts as CPD outlines summer safety plan

A 9-year-old was shot in the head, and a 61-year-old was struck in the foot Thursday afternoon.

"She don’t even know what hit her, she’s just in a lot of pain, with swelling on the brain right now," says community activist Andrew Holmes.

The shooting occurred around 3 p.m., along East 79th street.

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"The child was in the crossfire of two gangs going at it," said Supt. David Brown.

Citywide crime statistics released by the Chicago Police Department Thursday report 78 murders in June, which is 20-percent less than last year at this same time.

There was also a 13-percent drop in shootings citywide and more than 5,900 illegal guns recovered.

"Put the blame squarely in the hands of the people committing crime, and don’t make cops the bad guys who are confronting these violent people," said Brown.

The city’s summer safety plan includes focusing on 15 of the most violent neighborhoods, primarily on the west and south sides. Police will also partner with residents and social service agencies. 

For the 4th of July weekend, police will be working 12 hour shifts starting Friday morning. Any scheduled days off are now canceled.


First Deputy Supt. Eric Carter said crews will be "deployed along the lakefront and entertainment venues throughout the city to help deal with any potential crime issues."

"Think about you, if they stop your heartbeat, if you go to Medical Examiner’s office, I’m keeping it real, put the guns down," Holmes said.

The 9-year-old remains in serious condition at U of C hospital.

No suspects are in custody.