Rideshare companies adding safety measures for drivers following carjackings, robberies

Rideshare companies are adding security measures after several drivers have been robbed and carjacked.

Last week, one rideshare driver in the Chicago area was even killed. Joe Schaelstrate was working for Uber in Cicero when he was fatally shot.

Uber said it is working to contact Schelstraete’s family to offer its support.

On Wednesday, the rideshare company, Lyft, said riders who set up an account using an anonymous form of payment will be required to provide more proof of who they are.

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This is something drivers have been worried about as some riders use gift cards, pre-paid cards, Venmo and PayPal.

Some will upload pictures, but won't fully disclose the truth of who they are.

Lyft says if a driver feels unsafe, they can connect with ADT, and police can be dispatched to their location.


The company said it will also monitor rides to see if they go off route or if a ride time is irregular.

Lyft claims drivers can also decline to accept or cancel a ride at anytime if they don't feel safe.

In April, Uber also announced additional securities it has taken to strengthen its rider verification process.

The company has put more safeguards in place to validate the identity of riders who use a prepaid card, gift cards or Venmo.

Riders who set up a new account using those forms of payment or log into a new device using an existing account that was set up with one of these payment types will be required to upload an ID or driver’s license from any state or a passport from any country for verification.

Uber said that over the past several months, the company has been working with police on multiple investigations to help them identify, locate and arrest suspects by using Uber's technology to aid their investigations.