Safer America Act: Biden details new $37 billion crime-fighting strategy

Despite his COVID-19 diagnosis, President Joe Biden has released details on a new strategy to fight crime across the nation that will cost $37 billion.

The Safer America Plan includes money to hire and train at least 100,000 police officers and $3 billion to help city's like Chicago clear court backlogs and solve murders to get violent criminals off the streets.

Money would also go to helping courts hire more personnel to clear backlogs.


The plan has been hit with some criticism, comparing it with President Bill Clinton's created in 1994 where he promised 100,000 officers would be hired to combat the crime wave.

Researchers found the plan didn't significantly decrease the crime rate and the funding ran out.

"The funding proposal is that we fund the police and hire and train 100,000 new officers. So this is providing funding for that hiring and training," said Chris Meagher, White House deputy press secretary.

"But not just the hiring, but also making sure that they're being trained in community policing, that that's a priority for the jurisdictions, the cities, and the towns and the counties that are going to be implementing this strategy and making sure that these police officers are also going to be held accountable."

White House Deputy Press Secretary Chris Meagher told FOX 32 News cities will have to apply for the funds and the plan requires congressional approval.

In the past month, Chicago police hired 50 new officers but that number still leaves them about 1,300 officers short. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown acknowledged Monday that it’s an issue.

"Would you rather have fewer cops on the streets or more cops on the street?" Brown said. "When that cop is in the dark alley calling for help and no one else is there, because you don't have enough cops on the streets."