Search continues for black bear spotted on back porch in Antioch

A black bear was found on Tim and Natalie Fields' patio in Antioch on Saturday. The couple said it was steps away from their back door.

The Antioch couple had just returned to their home on West Deer Ridge Lane on Saturday night when Mrs. Fields heard loud rumbling outside. She opened the door and stood within feet of the bear which rested on her back porch. Fields described it as adorable, saying she was unafraid. The bear eventually moseyed away. 

State authorities say right now they don’t want to drug or relocate the bear. They also said large visitors like the bear are becoming more common.


Two bird feeders were knocked over in the couple's yard. Mr. Fields says his wife is an animal lover and feeds wildlife from the woods all the time. She had no problem with the bear. Mr. Fields says he wanted to pet it. 

The subdivision remained quiet much of the day with authorities advising residents to keep their pets and small children inside. Authorities say if you spot a black bear, you should not go near it.

"We don’t want the public to panic. We want them to be educated about our visitors and act accordingly. If a situation arises that the bear needs to be drugged and removed the Department will work with Federal USDA Wildlife Services to accomplish that task," said the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources in a statement. 

This is the second reported bear citing in Lake County in recent days. A bear was spotted running across the Gurnee Mills parking lot near a day care.