Search for Chicago's next top cop receives final applications

The group looking for the next Chicago Police superintendent said it has received the final applications for the job.   

In all, 53 people have applied to be the next leader of the Chicago Police Department. Eleven of the applicants are women.

The Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability said there's been one consistent thing it's heard from the public about what they want in the next top cop: Someone who is willing to take on reform.

The committee said there is still a lot of work to do before a new superintendent is picked.

"The thing that I've heard the most is somebody who puts community first, somebody who is reform-minded. The consent decree comes up a lot. I think the public has grown concerned with our consent decree compliance and making sure we have a superintendent who views the consent decree as the floor and not as the ceiling," said CCPSA President Anthony Driver.


There will be more public forums to give the public a chance to voice their opinions.

If you are unable to make it to one of the meetings, there is also an online survey that can be taken.