Second person charged after 75 shootings in one weekend

New progress for police following one of the year's bloodiest weekends. It happened last month when 75 people were shot and 12 of them died.

While none of the killers have been caught, Chicago police have made a second arrest.

Antonio Macedo's been arrested for attempted murder, becoming only the second person to face charges in connection with Chicago’s most violent weekend of the year. Police say one key was the cooperation of his victim, who was struck by two bullets but survived. Tribune reporters have been following up on that weekend.

Hundreds of victims do not cooperate with police. Some fear further violence. Others, having watched vicious killers go free before, do not believe the criminal justice system will punish the one who shot them, as the mayor told FOX 32 last week.

“People don't have faith judges are going to hold criminals accountable. So they take the law into their own hands. It's also a gulf of trust. Part of them not working with the police -- not the whole story -- is that they don't think that criminal is going to be held accountable for that act of violence or crime,” said Mayor Emanuel.

The Washington Post recently ranked Chicago dead last among 50 cities for solving homicides. Chicago police typically "clear" only about 5% to 10% of non-fatal shootings.

The dysfunction extends to the Illinois State Police Crime Lab, crippled by years of staff cuts. Chicago detectives complain it can take nearly a year to get DNA test results. Lab supervisors say that, in a special case, they will provide results in a few days.

A police spokesman tweeted this past weekend's anti-violence efforts: 55 illegal guns seized; 24 charged; 3 fewer shooting victims than the previous weekend; and 3 fewer homicides.

As for the 12 homicides on that bloody weekend last month? Police report no arrests, meaning those killers are literally getting away with murder.