Severe storms disrupt plans for travelers flying out of Chicago airports

Summer travel can spell stress when severe weather gets in the way. The weather on Tuesday caused ground stops and delays at O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport.

It wasn’t extra crowded at O’Hare but hundreds of flights were late, canceled or hampered by severe weather. United Airlines alerted passengers that their flights might be impacted, some more seriously than others.

Frisco Chavez was trying to get to San Francisco. He said the weather caused concern.

"It’s been pretty bad this morning, even just getting the Ubers here, getting the updates that the flight was getting delayed over and over. Severe thunderstorms, that's how I woke up this morning, so I could imagine everybody struggling today," Chavez said.

Elizabeth Heeman flew in from Barcelona without a hitch but got delayed in Chicago on her way to Sarasota, Florida. She said she didn’t mind, since she loves Chicago.

Paulette Burgess was trying to get home to West Virginia after spending the weekend in Chicago. Two of her flights were canceled, one while she was in line to pass through security. She planned to fly to Lexington, Kentucky, rent a car and drive 2 hours more to get home.

Barbara Nakanishi of Niles planned to arrive early for a flight but ended up delayed. 

"We got up at 5 a.m., but then we called a cab and asked him to come two hours later. Although we were ready to go at a quarter til 7 a.m., we didn't have to leave until a quarter til 9 a.m.," Nakanishi said.

The commute to O’Hare was rain-soaked, causing slow travel on the Kennedy Expressway, as lightning lit the sky.

Some patient travelers say they understand weather delays and if they have to be stuck somewhere, Chicago isn’t bad.