'Space Beer' helps raise money for Adler Planetarium

You might say it is a beer that is out of this world.

The Adler Planetarium is collaborating with a North Side brewery to help raise money for science education.


Empirical Brewing at Foster and Ravenswood looks like what would happen if the guys from the Big Bang Theory owned a brewery, with beers named after the periodic table, action figures hanging from the ceiling and comic books on the wall.

"We’re also just a bunch of nerds. So the sci-fi kind of kicks in," said Jacob Huston.

Which is why they jumped at the chance to brew a series of beers in collaboration with the Adler planetarium, called "Space for Everyone."

"Space for Everyone is a sour ale. Like all of our beers, it’s light and easy drinking," Huston said.

And 25% of all sales is going to support digital programming at the Adler Planetarium, including a science-comedy show called ‘Wow Signal’ on Adler’s YouTube channel.

"Especially in this time when the Adler is closed, the mission doesn’t stop. If the universe is still there to explore," said Chris Bresky.

Bresky plays a character in the show named the Wandering Astronaut who recently dropped in on Empirical Brewing -- and is featured in the artwork on the cans.

"The curious astronaut is sort of the embodiment of all their curiosity. Exploring the Earth, a new visitor here," Bresky said.

And the folks at Empirical are looking to raise the stakes on the collaboration with Adler all the way up to space.

"We are actually looking to get some yeast up in space, bring that back down, then propagated and use it for subsequent batches," Huston said.

They may not be able to hear you scream in space, but they can hear you order a beer.