State treasurer candidate calls out Democrats for delay in Cook County property tax bills

A candidate for state treasurer is blaming a delay in Cook County property tax bills on an alleged plan to hide tax increases, until after the election.

State Rep. Tom Demmer from Dixon called out Cook County Democratic leaders Wednesday for the significant delay.

Cook County property tax bills, which typically go out over the summer, won't arrive until close to the end of the year.


This is the latest they've ever been in history.

Some of those bills will be higher because of new assessments.

"Cook County taxpayers who are paying some very high property taxes haven't yet seen what they're going to be required to pay this year and won't see it until the very end of the year. Again, conveniently timed until just after the election in order to hide the true impact of Illinois tax policy from voters when they go into the voting booth," said Demmer.

The Cook County Board president's office told FOX 32 they are working to ensure tax bills are sent and collected as soon as possible.

Some communities are telling residents the delay is due to a new computer system.