Summer travel: How to make sure you are getting compensated for canceled flights

The Memorial Day travel weekend is being called a success as passengers returned to pre-pandemic levels at airports nationwide. 

The U.S. Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, says the holiday rush at airports went "remarkably well."

Millions of passengers flew this past weekend and there were no major snafus. Buttigieg said it was a successful first test of the summer travel season. 

Additionally, he said the cancelation rates this past weekend were outstanding, and the airlines have done a lot of work by hiring employees and working on customer service. 


"I'm pleased to see that the cancelation rates were below one percent," said Buttigieg. "What we saw was compared to a year ago, where even when the weather was fine, airlines were getting into these cascading cancelations and delays with huge disruption. This time around, it went much better."

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