'Tall Size' shop for tall teens & women holding VIP night in Chicago

A former WNBA player created a game-changing shopping experience when she couldn’t find women’s clothing that fit.  Kayla Alexander is taking her experience on the court, to the fashion runway.  It’s become a slam dunk.  

"We knew that we weren't the only ones dealing with this," said Alexander.  


At 6 feet and 4 inches tall, the Olympian often shopped in the men’s section and rarely found shoes that properly fit. She knew she could do better. So, she turned to her best friend, 6 foot, Nicole Murphy. Together the two women, friends since 6th grade, co-founded Tall Size. It’s the first online marketplace and lifestyle brand dedicated to tall teens and women.  

"When you feel good in the clothes that you're wearing, and you look good, it just adds something to you, it just gives you that confidence that you didn't have before," said Alexander.   

"We're just trying to create a world that we wish we had when we were younger," added Murphy. 

 At Tall Size, women can shop for shoe sizes 9 through 15 and inseams as long as 41 inches.  Sleeves start at 26 inches and once piece swimsuits, rompers and bodysuits are longer in the torso.   

"The stuff that does exist, it's always frumpy and basic. I remember as a young girl I could never wear the cute trendy stuff that my friends were wearing and that's really the world we're trying to create ," said Murphy.  

Tall Size carries a variety of brands that cover the budget shopper or those looking to invest in a luxury piece.  The two friends took a tall task and turned it into something beautiful.  

 "We’ve seen a lot of power in just being able to bring tall women together," said Murphy.  

The Tall Size store is hosting a Chicago VIP event and pop up shop July 14th through the 16th. The VIP event is ticketed. There will be refreshments and a stylist on hand. The pop up is open to the public from 10am-6pm. It will take place at 3128 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago

Get a free ticket here: https://www.tallsize.com/pages/tall-size-pop-up-shop-chicago