Monday forecast: Highs in the 40s with a chance of light rain, snow

Snow lovers have little to root for in the foreseeable future.  

In fact, a robust warmup arrives as we welcome December Wednesday. 

Monday morning will be cold with widespread 20s. 

Sunshine will fade behind a canopy of thickening cloud cover tied to a warm front. 

There may be just enough juice in the atmosphere to squeeze out a light rain or snow shower early Monday afternoon. 

The northern half of Chicagoland would be favored for this.  

Highs will reach the low 40s.  

Tuesday will be sunnier and several degrees warmer. 

A few spots could flirt with 50 degrees, but that is more likely on Wednesday. 


There will also be a bit more cloud cover and a possible light rain shower far north.

Then, it’s off to the thermal races on Thursday when 55°-60° readings will be widespread.  

We should be close to 50° yet again on Friday before a weekend cool down.  

No significant storms are in sight.  

November will go down in the books as one of the driest on record. 

O’Hare has recorded 0.71" of precipitation making this the eighth driest.