Twin brothers from Tinley Park competing together in track at Chicago State University

Twin brothers from Tinley Park thought they'd be heading off to different colleges, but life has brought them both to the track team at Chicago State University.

Mychah and Malachi Spells said the opportunity to attend Chicago State happened at the last minute and they couldn't pass it up.

"Having each other made us stronger in a way because we never thought we'd be in the same college," Malachi said.


They are the sixth set of twins on the Chicago State track and field team since 2011 and their freshman season has been unusual, between going to school together and helping their grandparents through the pandemic.

"Even though it's not what I want it to be, we still like this program," Mychah said. "I like the coaches, I like the teachers and I like the other student athletes."

"It was eye-opening to call this place home," Malachi said.