'Violent' Chicago man out on bond for multiple felonies allegedly fires gun in restaurant

A man who was supposed to be on electronic monitoring for a slew of alleged crimes shot a gun into the ceiling of a Chicago restaurant last weekend while threatening five employees.

"The fact that Mr. Noah was out on electric monitoring highlights the problems with bond court," retired Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel said on Twitter Wednesday.

Joshua Noah, 24, was reportedly supposed to be on electronic monitoring for two separate felony cases, according to CWB Chicago. He is charged with 27 felony counts in one case - home invasion, kidnapping, carjacking, armed robbery, residential burglary, aggravated battery and more. The second case includes charges relating to Class X armed violence, narcotics and guns.


"In Cook County, bond court judges use electronic monitoring (EM) for reducing the jail population and saving dollars," Weitzel said. "The notion that this is somehow criminal justice reform and public safety is not affected by violent criminals on electronic monitoring is simply ridiculous."

Back in 2020, Noah is accused of breaking into a family's home in Riverside, Illinois. He and two other armed men allegedly beat a man who owed them drug money, and dumped him in an alley in Chicago. The trio allegedly pistol-whipped the man’s mother and threatened the family while inside the home.

A judge allowed him to go home by posting a $15,000 bail deposit with electronic home monitoring as a condition.

After the restaurant incident, Noah allegedly took off in a car. The victims called 911 with the getaway car description.

Around the same time, police received a call regarding a traffic crash involving a car matching the description.

Prosecutors say when officers arrived at the accident scene Noah got out of the car's driver's seat and ran.

"Take the gun and let me go," a Chicago Police Department arrest report says Noah told officers when they caught him.

The gun he was apparently referring to was on the driver's seat of the crashed car, police said.

The newest charges for Noah are reckless discharge of a firearm, endangering others and five counts of aggravated assault.

This time around Noah's bail was set at $200,000 by Judge Kelly McCarthy. He is again ordered to go onto electronic monitoring if he posts a 10% deposit bond in the case. However, he is now being held without bail in his other two felony cases, according to court records obtained by CWB Chicago.