Visitation held for Jacob Jurinek and Franco Patino, the Naperville victims of the Astroworld concert

Hank Pelter and Jake Jurinek were friends since grade school. They played football together and loved joking about superhero movies. On Sunday, Pelter was one of many people stopping by visitation for Jurinek to pay his respects.

Jurinek and fellow Naperville native Franco Patino were two of the ten people killed at the Travis Scott Astroworld concert.

"[Jacob] would always say he's Batman, and I’d be like: ‘Prove to me you’re Batman.’"

The best friends were reportedly helping others escape before falling victim. More than 250 people were injured. 50,000 people were in attendance. The victims were as young as nine years old.

Over the last two days, hundreds have come to pay their respects to the best friends known as leaders in their community.

Jurinek was  a junior at SIU in Carbondale studying art and media. He was also best friends with his father Ron, after his mom died at age 4.

"They went through so much together and Jacob was always checking on his dad," said family friend Dawn Pelter.