WATCH: Chainsaw drone wreaks havoc on trees, snowmen

FOX NEWS -- What happens when you attach a chainsaw to a drone? A stunning video posted to YouTube shows the incredible and terrifying 'Killerdrone' in full flight.

The brainchild of Finnish farmers, Killerdrone is a remote-controlled flying chainsaw. The 2 minute 53 second YouTube video shows the operators guiding the drone across a snowy landscape.

In between stunning aerial shots, the video shows Killerdrone slashing icicles from a building’s roof and cutting the tops off trees. Like something out of a sci-fi horror movie, the drone also unleashes its chainsaw on some snowmen – the results are scarily impressive.

Somewhat bizarrely, the drone appears to be taken down by a balloon in the video. After the remains of the balloon get caught in its rotors, Killerdrone comes crashing to the ground, much to the relief of snowmen everywhere.

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