Suburban Chicago leader begs for help with water crisis: 'I am sending up an SOS'

The water crisis in suburban Dixmoor continued on Wednesday.

Since the weekend, most residents have had almost no water coming out of the faucets. The problems have been caused by low water pressure, which in turn has been caused by broken turbines and broken pipes.

Now, Dixmoor Public Works crews think there might be a valve issue. They are working with crews from the City of Harvey, which supplies all of Dixmoor's water.

In the meantime, Dixmoor is handing out free bottled water and begging for help.

"We have no water nowhere in Dixmoor right now," said Dixmoor Village President Fitzgerald Roberts. "I am asking anyone for help. I am sending up an SOS signal. Help please. We need all knowledge that can help us get this issue solved as soon as possible.

Roberts said that all businesses and schools in Dixmoor are closed while the crisis continues.