West Loop hotel brings restaurant experience to your room

How does a getaway sound right now?

Local hotels are trying new tactics to bring in business, as we wait for dining and travel restrictions to lift amid the pandemic.

One new twist is bringing a restaurant experience right to your room.

At Nobu Hotel Chicago, the plan is to lure you with an indoor pool, city views and tranquil rooms -- basically an escape from our boring, pandemic lives.

"People still have the urge to get out of their house. For months, they’re seeing the same four walls," said hotel general manager Zoltan Payerli.

Payerli says their rooftop is a huge draw to the new West Loop hotel, and they can serve food and drink.

But for the first time, they're offering to turn your hotel room into a private restaurant, with dine-in service from the famed Nobu Chicago restaurant.

Payerli says it is drawing a lot of local people looking for a "stay-cation."

"They want to get this mental and emotional escape from what’s going on the world, have some fun, overnight stay and indulge in some really good and classic food," Payerli said.

The hotel opened during the pandemic and the team here had to quickly get creative.

"It’s never easy opening a business or a hotel by any means, let alone during a worldwide pandemic," Payerli said.

With one-third of Chicago hotels closed down, some are trying ramped up room service to keep doors open.

Moving into Tier 2, which allows small gatherings, certainly helps too.

"Yes, every little bit does help. Progress is more important that perfection at this point," Payerli said.

And during the pandemic, a night away from it all could certainly be viewed as progress.