Window washer dangling 53 stories high rescued from side of River North high-rise

A window washer was rescued from the side of a high-rise building Tuesday after he was left dangling in the air in River North.

Authorities were dispatched about 12:10 p.m. to Dearborn and Ontario and found the washer hanging from the 53rd Floor of a building, according to Chicago Fire Dept. spokesman Larry Langford.

“His lines got messed up,” according to Langford, who was unsure if the washer’s line had snapped.

Fire crews reached the man by breaking a window on the 53rd or 54th Floor and attached another rope to him, Langford said. Crews tried to pull him inside, but the window was too small for the man.

A special operation team went to the roof and pulled up the man about 80 or 90 feet, according to Langford. He was checked out by paramedics and was in good condition.

Dearborn was closed between Ohio and Ontario as crews worked to remove equipment used in the rescue, Chicago police said.