Last 'wonderful weekend' of the year for Chicago?

This will be a FANTASTIC weekend to see the fall colors in the Chicago area. This year's palette is especially beautiful according to experts at the Morton Arboretum

We will probably lose some leaves to the wind this weekend with breezy conditions on Saturday and some stronger gusts (up to 30 mph) on Sunday.

Despite that, overall Saturday and Sunday should be ideal for nearly any outdoor plans you may have.


Photo by Barry Butler |

We will be uncharacteristically warm this weekend for the later part of October. 

This month has been especially cool so far coming in at over 4 degrees below average. We have seen just six out of twenty days with above average temperatures to this point. Highs should hit the upper 70s with gusty southerly winds and plenty of sunshine this weekend. Those temperatures are nearly twenty degrees above average. 

The last time we had a weekend as warm or warmer was nearly five weeks ago in the middle of September.

I am calling this the last "wonderful weekend" of the year for Chicago. I realize that when it comes to weather the term "wonderful" can have different meanings for different people, but it is hard to argue sunshine and 70s does not make for some awesome weather this time of the year. 

The following weekend our highs will fall into the 50s and the chances of seeing 70s diminish quickly by the end of the month. The last average date for a high of 70 degrees or more is October 29th. 

Average highs fall into the middle 50s by the start of November and slide to the lower 40s by the end of next month. The average date of our first measurable snow (.1 inch or more) is November 18th. 

So snow lovers still might have a few "wonderful weekends" by the end of 2022 but most of us will enjoy this one knowing what is inevitably coming before too long.