Minooka residents report tornado sighting amid strong storms

Minooka residents say they saw a tornado skip through their neighborhood, ripping up trees along the way.

Minooka Community High School sustained damage to the HVAC equipment, impacting the school’s class schedule.

"I live in a 120-year-old house. There's big trees on vehicles, the electric lines are down. It came through pretty hard," said Minooka resident Kevin Coley.

Victor Flores showed FOX 32 how a tree landed on his backyard awning, which crashed down on his porch, smashing his lawn equipment, patio furniture and BBQ grill. 


"There were two big trees knocked down on the roof," Flores said. "I had long tree debris, which completely smashed the awning. You couldn't access the porch. It damaged personal property, car parts, the chairs. It was a big mess. It was horrible to come home to."

Area school students were being dismissed Monday afternoon at the time of the storm. Students ended up scurrying back into buildings, out of the rain.

On Wabena Avenue, a tree fell on power lines. 

Utility services restored electricity after about 5 hours.