Brandon Johnson addresses overdue bills he owed to the city of Chicago

Martin Luther King III joined Chicago mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson on the campaign trail Friday.

The support comes on the heels of a huge endorsement from Sen. Bernie Sanders.

King described Johnson as someone who will fight for fair housing, much like his own father did. King also said his father would support Johnson if he was still alive.

Johnson's mayoral campaign came under fire after a Capitol Fax report said he owed thousands of dollars to the city.

"We were on a payment plan," Johnson said. "We'll finish paying it off before the end of the day, and I've managed multi-billion dollar budgets. In fact, I put forth the budget plan with a payment plan to take care of the structural deficit that my opponent caused. If anything, I'm actually pretty good at coming up with a payment plan."

Chicago officials confirmed Friday afternoon that Johnson did in fact pay off his debts that were owed to the city.

Meanwhile, Johnson's opponent Paul Vallas was endorsed by Black Men United, a group that works to help end the social and economic disadvantages that face the Black community.

On Friday, the group was working on sending supplies to survivors of the Mississippi tornado.


The leader of the group, Pastor John Harrell, said they build bridges, not walls.

"Not only are we here to send relief efforts too Mississippi but we're also here to support Paul Vallas and here's why: Hurricane Katrina, Paul Vallas was there. In the crisis in Haiti, Paul Vallas was there. In all of the troubles in Flint, Michigan and in Mississippi, Paul Vallas was there," Harrell said.

As we go into the last weekend before election day, the early vote total stands at 115,428 ballots cast.

The Board of Elections said it has received a total of 51,818 votes by mail ballots, making a total of 167,246 ballots cast so far for the April 4th runoff election.