'Typical Lori Lightfoot chicanery': Attacks on Chicago mayor intensify as early voting opens

With early voting already underway in Chicago, challengers in the race for mayor are sharpening their attacks on the incumbent and on one another.

Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas demanded Mayor Lori Lighfoot release more information about her campaign's unethical effort to recruit students and teachers in Chicago's public schools.

"It is typical Lori Lightfoot chicanery. The people of Chicago can't take this anymore," said Kam Buckner, Illinois State Rep. (26th) and candidate for mayor.

On Good Day Chicago Friday morning, candidate and Cook County Board Commissioner Brandon Johnson, a veteran Chicago Teachers Union staffer, defended his call to defund police by transferring money to social programs.

"We know what defund looks like, right? Because we defunded our schools. We've defunded mental health clinics. We've defunded reliable transportation. If there's anything to characterize me as, characterize me as the ‘investor in chief’," Johnson said.

Just a quick fact-check, taxpayer spending per student in Chicago's public schools is, in fact, at an all-time high.

Earlier this week, Johnson said that as mayor, he'd work to impose a first-ever Chicago income tax, just part of long, laundry list of new taxes aimed at what Johnson and the teacher’s union call the "wealthy."

The income tax would hit everyone earning more than $100,000 per year.

State Rep. Kam Buckner strongly disagrees.

"I've got families in my community that are making $100,000. But they aren't "rich" by any stretch of the imagination. They're not, you know, the ultra-wealthy," Buckner said.


Buckner also rejected Johnson's call for a 40% surcharge on Metra riders crossing the border between Chicago and the suburbs.

Buckner noted it would hit thousands of Chicagoans commuting to low and middle-income jobs in the suburbs.