911 calls released in incident where Chicago police officer restrained woman walking her dog

A video that went viral last month showed a woman walking her dog on North Avenue Beach in Lincoln Park when she was confronted by a Chicago police officer.

The video showed the officer grabbing Nikkita Brown's arm and attempting to restrain her.

Brown could be heard screaming as the officer twists her around.

After more than a minute, the officer let go of Brown and walked away. 

On Thursday, the 911 calls related to this incident were released to the public. 

Brown's attorney, Keenan J. Saulter, released the calls and named the officer because he said the city has not been forthcoming with information.

Saulter said his client was targeted, profiled and is emotionally distraught.

He also said he believed the city was supposed to provide the 911 calls, the police report and body-worn camera from that night on Sept. 11.

The city has denied public information requests for the video as COPA continues to investigate.


Although the officer was named by Brown's lawyer, FOX 32 will not name the officer since no criminal action has been taken. 

However, the officer does have a history of excessive force, and in one case, the city paid a victim $15,000.

There's also a case pending right now for use of force.

" —  Is the kind of officer that needs to be removed from the force. This is a ticking time bomb kind of officer. Excessive use of force...and racial profiling, That's what his past taught us before we ever got to Aug. 28 of 2021," said Saulter.

CPD did send a statement from last month, saying the police superintendent directed that the officer involved be placed on administrative duties pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation by COPA.