CDC expected to relax guidance on wearing masks outdoors

"When you look around at the common sense situation, obviously, the risk is really very low, particularly if you are vaccinated," said Chief COVID-19 Advisor Doctor Anthony Fauci.

President Joe Biden’s top coronavirus advisor hinted that on Tuesday, the CDC will relax the guidance on mask wearing outdoors. The announcement may have different rules, however, for people who have been vaccinated and for those who haven't.

"If we are vaccinated, going outside and wearing a mask will be fine and I am sure that’s what we will hear from the CDC," said Dr. Jeffrey Kopin of Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital.


The CDC is also reporting that 5-million Americans did not get their second dose of the vaccine. Speculation shows some people didn’t think they needed it, while others feared side effects.

"Get the second dose, it revs up your body’s immune system," Dr. Kopin said.

Governor JB Pritzker says some people have actually had two doses, but the tracking system has not caught up with them yet.

"It does take a little bit of time, so we'll make sure to keep following up with people who we think have had one dose and haven't had their second, to make sure they go in and have their second," Pritzker said.

The good news is, only 8-percent of people have missed the second dose, while 92-percent of Americans did get the second shot.