Chicago alderman 'cracking down' on crime near 31st Street Beach

Dozens of cars were towed and one person was arrested near 31st Street Beach Saturday night.  

Chicago's 4th Ward Alderman Lamont Robinson vowed that the city would be cracking down on illegal activity near the beach after eight people were shot in a two-week period

Robinson called for enforcement of a 9 p.m. closure of the beach. He warned visitors Friday night that any car illegally parked near the beach after 9 p.m. would be towed. 

"We will be towing cars all night long. Residents want to be able to park in their own neighborhood and want peace around their homes and I am committed to making that happen," Robinson said in a Facebook post

He added that everyone is welcome at the beach, but there are rules to follow and "we will be cracking down."

On Sunday morning, Robinson said 37 cars were towed and one person was arrested at bag check for trying to bring a gun to the beach. 

According to the Chicago Park District website, the beach is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. with swimming only permitted when a lifeguard is on duty.