Chicago City Council to weigh pros and cons of subminimum wage Monday

This week, the Chicago City Council will discuss the pros and cons of a subminimum wage.

This is base wage between $8 to $10 an hour that’s complemented by on-the-job tips.

Service workers and advocacy groups have called for an end to this practice with a guarantee that workers citywide are paid the same hourly rate of $15.80, with any tips paid out on top.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson campaigned on this promise.


One Fair Wage said in a report released in June that ending the subminimum wage would alleviate what it calls a "self-made staffing crisis" in the food service industry. The report also suggested it would also boost youth employment.

However, opponents say raising the subminimum wage would negatively impact Chicago businesses financially.

The issue will be discussed at a council committee meeting Monday.