Chicago family experiencing Hurricane Ian after relocating to Florida last year

A Chicago family is thinking twice about moving to Florida.  

A year ago they called Bucktown home, but Wednesday they were in the eye of the storm.  

"You didn’t know if something was going to blow off and hit one of your windows, rip your screen," said Kim Turek, who relocated with her family to Naples last July.

Naples has been under a curfew since Wednesday afternoon, right before Hurricane Ian hit.  

There were widespread tornado warnings.  


"For a while when I was hearing the winds outside it was reminding me of some blizzards back home, but it was worse here," said Turek.  

She said they never expected to experience a Category 4 hurricane this early in their relocation.  

Luckily their home has a built-in generator, so they haven’t lost power.  

But cell service, she says, is spotty.  

Turek says she’d take Chicago weather over a hurricane any day.